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Our Training

The Marjorie E. Korff PACT Program is built on a fundamental belief that parents are experts on the strengths and needs of their own children. Together, a parent and child have negotiated countless challenges throughout the child’s life. As a child develops and grows older, parents learn his or her coping patterns, fears, and emotional needs. More than anyone else, parents understand the dynamics of their own household and the elements that make their family unique.

At the same time, PACT staff clinicians are fully trained child psychiatrists and child psychologists who have years of education and experience. We bring training in child development, temperament, personality, family dynamics, and effective parenting techniques to each parent consultation. We also carry forward the wisdom of countless other families who have managed the challenges of parenting during this difficult time.

We respect that each child is an individual, and we are mindful of his or her age, strengths, coping style, and family and social context. We are also familiar with common reactions to a serious illness in the family and can explain what parents might expect from their children, when to feel comfortable that a child is handling the situation well, and when to worry.

We work hand-in-hand with parents, combining our collective knowledge and experience to develop a plan for parents to support a child’s continued healthy development. We strive to provide expert and compassionate guidance and education to parents that reinforces their own competence and confidence as they continue to love, nurture, and support their children.