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For Professionals

In our experience as professionals working with parents who have cancer, our work is both challenging and rewarding. If you are visiting this site, it likely means that you have seen firsthand the complexities that a serious illness can create in the life of a family. You may have been engaged by these families to answer to hard questions and provide support for a variety of needs. Just knowing what to ask and how to assess the needs of parents concerned about the emotional well-being of their children can be difficult. The task of creating a family-specific individualized intervention and plan with ill parents can pose an even larger dilemma.

Here, we hope to provide you with suggestions for beginning the conversation and assessment process with parents who are ill and help prepare you with answers to some of their most frequently asked questions. We also give you information about the specific services PACT provides, as well as other places you may turn as you look for help in guiding parents.

You can also find expanded discussions of key topics along with practical tips for parents under the Parenting Principles section. These topics include child development, communicating with children, issues around diagnosis and treatment, learning when additional help is needed, financial and legal issues, and end of life concerns.