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What Parents Say About PACT

If you or a loved one has worked with the Marjorie E. Korff PACT Program and you would like to let other parents know what your experience has been like, please contact us.

Quotes from Parents

“When my husband was first diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor, we sought Dr. Rauch's advice on how to talk to our young children about the situation, and how to convey information to their school community. Dr. Rauch was so sympathetic and kind while at the same time providing us with incredibly powerful tools that helped us enormously through those early months. Over the course of the last two years we have been in touch with Dr. Rauch about a variety of other difficult issues relating to my husband's illness. She has been absolutely wonderful each time we have sought her counsel.”

— Anonymous, January 2008


“Our children were not quite 2 and 4when I was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer. My husband and I were both so overwhelmed and terrified that we could barely think straight for ourselves, much less our young children. We had no clue what to tell our kids. But during the first session with our PACT psychologist Dr. Cindy Moore, we got the tools and language we needed to talk with our kids about my cancer treatment.

“Cindy's advice was thoughtful, age-appropriate and tailored to our kids' personalities and our unique family situation. Without ever meeting our kids, she really got to know our family. As my treatment progressed, it was a huge comfort to share our worries with, bounce ideas off of and be guided by such a compassionate expert who deals with families facing cancer on a daily basis. Her insight and support helped our little family stay strong and together during this challenging year. With Cindy's help, we were able to be better, more present parents during this stressful time,and our children are better for it. This is an extraordinary program — free of charge! — and we can't recommend it strongly enough to any family facing cancer.”

— Allison, September 2009