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Patriots’ Day Project

In anticipation of the one-year anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing in April 2014, we collaborated with The Clay Center for Young Healthy Minds to launch the Patriots' Day Project.

This project created materials intended to assist parents and educators as they face current and future challenges that impact the children in our communities. The materials blend the shared wisdom of approximately 400 parents from Boston and surrounding communities,* as well as MGH experts in child development and emotional health.

COmmunity Crises and Disasters cover imageWe are pleased to share our newly published handbook,  

"Community Crises and Disasters: A Parent's Guide to Talking with Children of All Ages" for download here,

as well as our brochure,

"Parenting Through Crisis: A Quick Guide" for download here.

We also invite you to explore the articles, podcasts and original video that were released as the 2014 Boston Marathon approached, and the brief guide,

"Tips for Talking with Children about the Marathon Anniversary" for download here.



* Our sincere appreciation goes to the team at Market Street Research, who completed the survey of parents in record time, to a high standard.