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The PACT Program serves parents in treatment or care at the Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center, and their family members. You are encouraged to contact us if you are the parent in treatment for cancer, or would like to involve another family member such as a spouse, partner, grandparent, or sibling involved in caring for your child. You do not need to have insurance or request authorization from your insurance company before your appointment, because this service is provided to you without charge.

What if I am not a patient at Massachusetts General Hospital?

Whenever possible, PACT clinicians try to schedule one meeting for parents treated at other Partners-affiliated hospitals in Massachusetts, but due to the limitations of our clinical time, our team cannot provide ongoing meetings.

We wish that every cancer center had a program like the Marjorie E. Korff PACT Program, specifically designed to help parents support their children. Even without such a program, there are likely clinicians in your area who may be able to help. Ask about the social service supports in your community and at your treatment center. You will find educational information elsewhere on this website, as well as in the book Raising an Emotionally Healthy Child When a Parent Is Sick. These resources are drawn from the experience of the PACT clinicians and represent our approach to helping families.